Friday, 13 January 2012

Kyushindo Judo

The words ‘JU’ and ‘DO’ in Japanese are translated into English as ‘Gentle Way’. This is the aim of Lancing Kyushindo Judo Club; to train in an effective Martial Art safely and enjoyably. Anyone from 8 to 80 can progress with little risk of injury.

Kyushindo Judo uses "The Art of Unbalancing" to throw an opponent, not brute force and strength. We aim to develop natural circular movements that have the effectiveness to render an opponent unbalanced, thereby using little effort to throw. With this technique it is not only possible to throw an opponent taller and heavier than yourself, it becomes easier with practice.

As well as throws, we teach ground holds. These are a mechanism for "holding down" an opponent, not for breaking their arm or choking them! Once again, the essence of ‘Gentle Way’.

Kyushindo Judo is not a sport! It is taught as a Martial Art, so we do not enter competitions. We do not enter the Olympics (that’s another style!). Instead we learn self-defence and self-confidence while improving our physical fitness.

The aim of Lancing Kyushindo Judo Club is ENJOYMENT.

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