Friday, 13 January 2012

Frequently Asked Questions

Is training expensive?
No. The cost of a session is £3.00 for under 16s and £4.00 for Adults. This goes towards the hire of the hall and upkeep of mats. An annual membership fee is under review at this time. A grading (see below) will cost £5.00 currently.
What should I wear?
There is no requirement for a student to buy a Judogi (Judo Training Suit). Loose fitting old clothing is necessary to begin with, perhaps a sweatshirt and jogging bottoms. Be warned, they will get pulled around quite a bit. We do ask, however, that students have a Judogi for their first grading. They can be purchased new from local sports shops or second hand from local outlets and the instructor (subject to availability).
How do I progress?
Students begin at white belt (novice). They learn a standard set of techniques to begin with. When the instructor decides the student is ready he or she will be tested. This is a Grading. If the student demonstrates proficiency in the throws learned, they progress to yellow belt. This process continues for all belts up to brown. After this point, instructors from another club attend the black belt and dan gradings.
Can I come and watch?
Yes, anyone is welcome. You never know, you might like it enough to participate.

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